Skylake Power Impact-D 160 Embedded PC

The Amplicon Impact-D 160 fanless embedded PC features the Intel® Core™ i5-6300U Skylake generation processor, supported by high bandwidth DDR3L 1333MHz memory, and is a perfect solution for a DIN Rail PC. Suited to applications in markets such as transportation, security and automation.

Stand Alone Data Logger

The Expert Logger can process up to 46 analog input channels at both low and high rates of sampling. Measurement data can be accurately acquired, independently stored and transmitted into the cloud or a PC for evaluation via USB, LAN, WLAN or LTE. Expert Logger is available in four versions and is equipped with internal 2 GB memories that can independently store up to 60 million measurement values with date and time stamps to msec precision.

ATEX Certified Digital Multimeter

This ATEX-certified 50,000-count TRMS digital multimeter is designed for use in hazardous or explosive "gas" or "dust" environments, in compliance with the following standards:
Mine: Category Ex I M2
Surface industry: Category 2 (gas and dust) EX II 2 gd
Zone 1&2(gas) Ex ib I and Ex ib  II T5 or T4 or T3
Zones 21&22(dust) EX ib D21 IP6X T°…°C

Portable Calibration Controller LPG 300

LPG 300 is an ideal equipment for calibration, test and verification of all instruments of low or very low pressure or vacuum. It is a standalone pressure controller with its internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery (autonomy approx. 8h) or connected to the electricity network.

Tietzsch Variosafe EXM 25, 2kV Prod for Ex I

The VarioSafe EXM 25 is an intrinsically safe multimeter for mining and chemical industries. Approved to ATEX for use in potentially explosive atmospheres up to 2000 V Ex I (mining) and 690 V Ex II (chemical industry).

Production Line Hipot Testing Powerhouse

In a world where data is king, the HypotUTLRA series, models: 7804 and 7854 are a 4-in-1 solution. Also, with a 40A AC Ground Bond test capability added to the already impressive list of features makes it a dielectric analyser, designed to take your production line to the next level.

Micro Bath Temperature Calibrator LCB 50

Micro Bath Calibration Portable with temperature range of 30ºC ... 225°C. Which offers an immersion depth of 190 mm and a diameter of 60 mm, allowing a higher range.
Leyro Instruments offer the best calibration bath performance for the most demanding accurate calibrations.
Measuring and Analysing Vibrations

Expert Vibro is the device for acquiring transient signals and vibrations. The latest processor technology, based on powerful FPGAs, enables up to 16 synchronous channels to be processed at sampling rates to 50 kHz per channel while requiring minimal space. 24-Bit A/D converters ensure high precision. Vibration measurement with Expert Vibro is user friendly. Intuitive configuration means fast installation and short training times.
The PEMASTORE offers a wide range of electronic products at very competitive prices.

The store offers comprehensive and concise information on all products in categories such as: Automation, Data Acquisition, Power Quality Analysis and Test & Measurement. Also, it uses the latest in order processing and payment software, and there is a 'Chat' option available if you have a question.

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