8 and 16-port RS-232/422/485 Rackmount Serial Device Servers

  • Standard 19-inch rackmount size
  • 10/100M auto-sensing Ethernet
  • Easy IP address configuration with LCD panel (excluding wide temperature models)
  • Configure via Telnet/Web/Windows utility
  • Socket modes: TCP server/TCP client/UDP/Real COM

ETS-7000A  Digital-Analog Training System

The ETS-7000A Digital-Analog Training System is designed for beginners to enhance the comprehension of  digital and analog theory. The design of Digital-Analog Training System is easy to operate and easy to understand. Expansion Features: it can perform computer interface experiments by matching universal connector.

USB Powered Modules for Sound & Vibration Analysis

The DT9837 Series of USB dynamic signal analysers provide highly accurate measurements for portable sound, vibration, and force response measurements. Features include an A/D per channel, up to one analog output, up to one tachometer, and IEPE signal conditioning for direct sensor measurements.

Micro Bath Temperature Calibrator LCB 50

Micro Bath Calibration Portable with temperature range of 30ºC ... 225°C. Which offers an immersion depth of 190 mm and a diameter of 60 mm, allowing a higher range.
Leyro Instruments offer the best calibration bath performance for the most demanding accurate calibrations.

Tietzsch Variosafe EXM 25, 2kV Prod for Ex I

The VarioSafe EXM 25 is an intrinsically safe multimeter for mining and chemical industries. Approved to ATEX for use in potentially explosive atmospheres up to 2000 V Ex I (mining) and 690 V Ex II (chemical industry).

A Safe and Innovative Production Line Hipot Tester

The Hypot Series Hipot tester provides innovations that will allow you to begin achieving best practices for safety and efficiency without the need for an expensive automated test system or connection to a PC. You can even connect the Hypot Series with the HYAMP® Series to form a seamless safety compliance system for Hipot and Ground Bond Testing.
The Industry Leading Production Line Ground Bond Tester

Ground Bond Testing made easy. Verify the integrity of your product’s ground circuitry with the New HYAMP® Ground Bond Tester. Ground Bond Testing has never been more efficient with on-board data storage, convenient front panel USB data collection, and front panel barcode connection capabilities. 
Portable Calibration Controller LPG 300

LPG 300 is an ideal equipment for calibration, test and verification of all instruments of low or very low pressure or vacuum. It is a standalone pressure controller with its internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery (autonomy approx. 8h) or connected to the electricity network.
The PEMASTORE offers a wide range of electronic products at very competitive prices.

The store offers comprehensive and concise information on all products in categories such as: Automation, Data Acquisition, Power Quality Analysis and Test & Measurement. Also, it uses the latest in order processing and payment software, and there is a 'Chat' option available if you have a question.

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