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Skylake Power Impact-D 160 Embedded PC

The Impact-D 160 is a compact, DIN Rail mountable, low power embedded system, utilising Intel® 6th Generation Core™ processor technology. Key features:-
• Low power consumption • High end Core™ processing power • Compact fanless design • OEM branding available.
2-port RS-232/422/485 Serial Device Servers
  • Compact design for easy installation  
  • Socket modes: TCP server/TCP client/UDP
  • Easy-to-use Windows utility for configuring multiple device servers
  • Supports 10/100M Ethernet
  • Patented ADDC® (Automatic Data Direction Control) for 2-wire and 4-wire RS-485
Associated Research are proud to offer Safety Webinars for your specific tester. 

These webinars are designed to ensure you, as a manufacturer or test operator, have the proper knowledge and training to use high voltage equipment. With these Webinars, Associated Research will ensure clear and concise explanations during your session. Join us for our FREE Electrical Safety Webinars to learn more about the importance of safety while compliance testing.
Chauvin Arnoux Measurement Computing Chauvin Arnoux
Ergonomic, magnetized and suitable for all types of cabinets, PEL103 loggers provide all the power and energy measurements simultaneously.
  • Single-phase, split-phase and three-phase installations with or without a neutral, as well as other complex configurations.
  • Implementation without cutting off the mains power supply
  • BlueTooth, Ethernet and USB communication

Data acquisition, or DAQ as it is often referred, is the process of digitising data from the world around us so it can be displayed, analysed, and stored in a computer. A simple example is the process of measuring the temperature in a room as a digital value using a sensor such as a thermocouple. Modern data acquisition systems can include the addition of data analysis and reporting software, network connectivity, and remote control and monitoring options.

This ATEX-certified 50,000-count TRMS Digital Multimeter is designed for use in Hazardous or Explosive "Gas" or "Dust" Environments, in compliance with the following standards:

Mine: Category Ex I M2
Surface industry: Category 2 (gas and dust) EX II 2 gd
Zone 1&2(gas) Ex ib I and Ex ib  II T5 or T4 or T3
Zones 21&22(dust) EX ib D21 IP6X T°…°C
A Safe and Innovative Production Line Hipot Tester

The Hypot Series Hipot tester provides innovations that will allow you to begin achieving best practices for safety and efficiency without the need for an expensive automated test system or connection to a PC. You can even connect the Hypot Series with the HYAMP® Series to form a seamless safety compliance system for Hipot and Ground Bond Testing.
The all new SCI 290 series Hipot Tester, makes testing simpler than ever before.

The 290 Series is SCI's most popular line of Hipot testers. These testers are designed to simplify every aspect of safety testing for operators of all comfort levels and includes the most intuitive user interface in the industry. In addition, it won't take up too much space on the production line.
 260 Series makes Ground Bond testing simpler.

There two models so that you can have a simple and easy-to-use Ground Bond tester that provides the output current you need to satisfy NRTL specifications. With an intuitive interface that allows you to set-up a test in seconds and practical security settings, our 260 Series can easily be deployed in both laboratory and production line environments.
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