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Our PEMASTORE Offers a Wide Range of Electronic Products at Very Competitive Prices

The store offers comprehensive and concise information on all products in categories such as: Automation, Data Acquisition, Power Quality Analysis and Test & Measurement. Also, it uses the latest in order processing and payment software, and there is a 'Chat' option available if you have a question.
New SGX Series With Touch Screen Display for the Sorensen™ DC Power Supply Family

The SGX Series is the next generation of the successful SG line of programmable DC power supplies. The line is designed for exceptional load transient response, very low noise, and high power density. The SGX Series combines onboard intelligent controls with the outstanding power electronics common to all SG family supplies.

Announcing the Arrival of the AUTEM PLC Analyser Pro 6

•New extremely robust and compact file format: Even after a PC crash the signal data can still be accessed
•  Analysis of signal data is already possible during data recording
• Simultaneous recording of up to 250 signal sources
• 16 million PLC signals can be recorded
• S7-Driver: All variables from TIA projects can be imported (I, Q, F, T, C, DB)

E/PSI 9000 T Laboratory Power Supply 320-1500 W

These space-saving laboratory power supplies are especially suitable for the use in test and development applications, in laboratories and research. Owing to a special filtering, the HF and NF output ripple are reduced to a level closing up to those of linear technology power supplies. All models are microprocessor-controlled.
MX30/45-3Pi 15kVA - 135kVA High output AC and DC power system

MX30/45-3Pi offers three phase waveform generation, allowing independent phase anomalies to be programmed. It also allows simulation of unbalanced harmonic line conditions. Using the provided GUI program or custom software, the user also has the ability to define arbitrary AC waveforms.

A Safe and Innovative Production Line Hipot Tester

The Hypot Series Hipot tester provides innovations that will allow you to begin achieving best practices for safety and efficiency without the need for an expensive automated test system or connection to a PC. You can even connect the Hypot Series with the HYAMP® Series to form a seamless safety compliance system for Hipot and Ground Bond Testing.
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Kepco's new BOP-E Series of Ethernet-Controlled 100W, 200W and 400W Power Supplies
  • True 4-quadrant programmable voltage and current power supplies
  • 14 Standard Models, ± 0-5 Volts to ± 0-200 Volts, ± 0-5 Amps to ± 0-30 Amps
  • Dual-range, 16-bit interface provides 15 bits of resolution for both full and quarter scale of output
GW Instek GSP 9330, Practical, Affordable and Never Careless

The GSP-9330, is a high test speed spectrum analyser with 3.25 GHz, provides the fastest 204 μs sweep speed. Users, via high speed sweep time, can easily handle and analyze modulation signals.  The keys to handling modulated signals are fast sweep time and signal demodulation functions. 
NEW! Now with an OPC UA Interface, ONLY from DelphinTechnology

OPC UA is becoming an increasingly established protocol and when used with the Expert Logger devices, measurement acquisition, monitoring and test stand automation applications can be made ready for open data exchange data in accordance with Industry 4.0/Internt of Things.

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